Bandar Kinrara, Puchong

bandar kinrara puchong

Township – Bandar Kinrara Puchong

Bandar Kinrara offers a variety of homes in different designs ranging from double-storey terraces to semi detached homes. Its convenient location in between Puchong and Kuala Lumpur makes it a much sought after address with links to major highways such as the Damansara-Puchong Highway (LDP), KL-Putrajaya Expressway (MEX), and NKVE-ELITE Expressway.
Bandar Kinrara Puchong is also home to an international cricket pitch and the Kinrara Golf Club that offers an 18-hole golf course with club facilities for the public. The surrounding areas are well-equipped with a range of modern amenities such as shops, a hypermarket, public fields, the Al-Ehsan mosque, a district police station and schools.
Another reason for the high demand of Bandar Kinrara Puchong homes is the high capital appreciation it garners from the property market. Since it was launched in 1991, homes in Bandar Kinrara have shown an appreciation of between 40% and over 100%. New products are also enjoying an increase in value of up to 25% within two years after their launch.
Future development for Bandar Kinrara includes an integrated town centre that offers a prestigious mix of residential, commercial and retail components.
bandar kinrara puchong
bandar kinrara puchong

Location & Amenities

  • Only 35km away from the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) and 19km away from the Kuala Lumpur City Centre (KLCC).
  • Easily accessible via the LDP, the MRR2, the NKVE and the NPE.

Master Layout Plan

  • 1904 acres
  • Total homes: 14,500 units
  • Expected population: 72,500

Current Developments

Anggun 2

Type:Double Storey Semi-Detached
Lot Size:40′ x 80′
Built-up Area:3,065 sq.ft-3,072 sq.ft
Price Range:RM1,993,000 – RM2,367,000
No. of units:32
Status:Open for sale

Rimbun 2

Type : Double storey terrace
Lot Size : 24’ x 70’
Built-up Area : 2,034 – 2,123 sq ft
Price Range : RM918,800 – RM1,363,800
No. of units: 117
Status : Only Bumi units available

Qaseh 1

Type : Double storey semi-detached
Lot Size : 50’ x 90’ / 70’ x 90’ / 60’ x 90′
Built-up Area : 3,469 – 3,855 sq ft
Price Range : RM2,400,800 – RM3,712,800
No. of units: 58
Status : Open for sale


Type : Serviced Apartment 
Built-up Area : 646 sq.ft. – 1,281 sq.ft.
Price Range : RM473,800 – RM911,800
No of Units: 190 (Tower A)

Status: Open for sale

Ten Kinrara – Commercial Units

Type : Commercial 
Built-up Area : 1,195 – 1,496 sq ft
Price Range : RM

Status: Open for sale


Type : Double Storey Terrace
Lot Size : 20′ x 70′
Built-up Area : 1,921 sq.ft – 2,090 sq.ft.
Price Range : RM850,800 – RM1,357,800
No. of units: 66
Status : Available for sale

Kinrara Anggun

Type : Double Storey Semi-Detached
Lot Size : 40′ x 80′
Built-up Area : 2,778 sq. ft. – 3,106 sq. ft.
Price Range : RM1,865,000 – RM2,566,800
No. of units: 52
Status : Available for sale

Kinrara Niaga 3

Type : 3 Storey Strata Shop Office
Lot Size : 22′ x 70′
Built-up Area : 1,412 sq. ft. – 2,595 sq. ft.
Price Range : RM 492,800 – RM 1, 645, 800
No. of units: 84
Status : Limited units available

Eight Kinrara

Type : Serviced Apartment
Lot Size : N/A
Built-up Area : 1,851 sq. ft. – 2,483 sq. ft.
Price Range : RM378,888 – RM1,544,888
No. of units: 236
Status : Only premium units available. Completed and ready to move in

Future Developments

Coming Soon.

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