I&P Group’s community relations programme is one of the most visible manifestations of our on-going commitment to social responsibility. These programmes address social, humanitarian, and education causes with a particular concern for the less fortunate.

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In education, I&P Group is one of 26 GLCs participating in PINTAR, a social responsibility programme. Our target reach are under-served primary schools in rural areas. Schools which have been identified for adoption will received financial assistance for a period of 3 years that will be spent towards tuition and motivational programs of the target group.

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PINTAR (Promoting Intelligence, Nurturing Talent and Advocating Responsibility) is a programme in line with the Government’s call under the Ninth Malaysia Plan and 2006 Budget on public-private partnerships for sustainable education development. Two key thrusts of PINTAR’s mission are to raise motivation to learn and to ensure a conducive learning environment for school children.

I&P Group is one of 26 GLCs participating in PINTAR, a social responsibility programme. To-date the group have adopted 16 under-served primary schools in rural areas of Penang, Kedah, Pahang and Kelantan. Each were provided financial support for a period of 3 years. The support covers mostly the curriculum for year 6 students undertaking their UPSR examinations, special needs classes as well as the yearly back-to-school assistance to poor students identified by the school.

Among the schools that were adopted under this programme includes:

Past Schools

  • Sek. Keb. Sg. Nibong, Penang
  • Sek. Keb. Bkt Gelugor, Penang
  • Sek. Keb.Kuala Triang, Pahang
  • Sek. Keb. Kuala Bera, Pahang
  • Sek. Keb. Titi Gantong, Kedah
  • Sek. Keb. Seri Inas, Kedah
  • Present Schools

  • Sek. Keb. Dalam Wang, Kedah
  • Sek. Keb. Rambong Pulai, Kedah
  • Sek. Keb. Ulu Sedaka, Kedah
  • Sek. Keb. Seri Jemerli, Kedah
  • Sek. Keb. Bunot Payong, Kelantan
  • Sek. Keb. Kedai Buloh (2), Kelantan
  • Sek. Keb. Perol, Kelantan
  • Sek. Keb.Banggol Saman, Kelantan
  • Apart from PINTAR , the company has also made contributions during 2008 to 2013 to Yayasan Tun Ismail Mohamad Ali Education Fund. This scholarship fund has been established for placement of deserving students into top universities in the UK and offers research grants for investment and corporate finance studies for students in UiTM, USM, UUM , UIAM , and UTM.

    I&P Group continues to contribute yearly to seven local universities as well as other related causes to help provide financial assistance to poor students in their studies through our tithe funds.