In its pursuit to deliver quality homes and serve the communities in which the group nurtures, I&P Group has implemented initiatives that add value to the local community. Our community relations programmes are probably the most visible manifestation of I&P Group’s ongoing commitment to social responsibility.

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Township of the Arts

In order to deliver quality homes and nurture the townships it has created, I&P Group has implemented several initiatives for local communities. Alam Impian™ in Shah Alam has a large platform with the theme ‘Township of the Arts’ and includes the following features:

Installation art pieces
Landscape and street art
Graffiti walls
Art gallery
Linear parks
Open-air amphitheatre
31-acre central town park

These features are aimed at involving residents and helping aspiring talents use it as part of their canvas. This can be seen from the various art installations around its 31-acre central town park.

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The Public Library Project – Bukit Damansara Public Library

Beyond the usual community-serving components that are built into our townships, the public library project in Seri Beringin, Bukit Damansara presents a meaningful differentiation. The library sits on a 0.39 acre site and is open from Tuesday to Sunday. The library is under the management of the Malaysia National Library (under the Ministry of Information, Communication and Culture) and has been open to the public in 2013.

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Corporate Social Responsibilty – Shelter Homes and Orphanages

Pertubuhan Kebajikan dan Amal Rumah Teduh Perlis:
Rumah Teduh is located at Jalan Sekolah Derma, Kangar, Perlis. It is a shelter privately managed by Ustaz Azim Zaidi for the last 8 years. The home is active in conducting various welfare activities for the community and provides shelter to orphans, abandoned children, the needy, the abused. It also provides the treatment and rehabilitation for youths. At present, it provides shelter to 36 babies and adults as well as caters to 250 commuting adults on a daily basis.
Darul Falah Ummi Aishah:
The Darul Falah Ummi Aishah in Kampung Behor, Titi Serong, Kuala Perlis is an orphanage where 24 young orphans aged 7 to 18 years have a place to call home. It is privately funded and managed by Puan Ummi Aishah and has been operational for two years.